More Top Online Dating Questions – Answered!

Hi all! Continuing on from our last set of dating problems, here is another fresh batch of your burning relationship questions, asked and answered! Feel free to leave yours in the comments below!

Week 3 problem

Q I’ve recently started online dating after a messy break up, I am fairly new to it and only put up my profile two weeks ago. I have been chatting to two guys who seem really nice and was planning to go on a date with one of them next week.  Now my ex has got in touch with me to tell me he’s not seeing anyone (he left me for someone else).  He didn’t get in touch when he was seeing her, only now that it’s all over.  I think I still have feeling for him. What should I do?

A  The good news is that online dating seems to be working out well for you with some potential matches already.  The bad news is that you seem to be your ex-boyfriend’s fall back girl.  He had no interest in you or your feelings while he had a new girlfriend but now that he’s been shown the door he’s back onto you.  Next he’ll be texting you to meet as a friend and before you know it he’ll be worming his way back in until someone else comes along.  Stay well clear and give one of these other guys a chance instead.

Week 4 Problem

Q How quickly after clicking with someone online to you meet them in person?

I’ve been chatting to this really nice guy the past two nights and he has suggested we meet face to face for a proper date in 3 days time at his friends restaurant in Dublin! I’m really nervous but I really want to see do we have the same spark online as we do offline.

A Great news that you’ve met someone online that you have found a spark with.  Part of me would say don’t rush; you have plenty of time to get to know them further. Why not wait another week or two, get to know them better. Maybe arrange a phone date this Friday instead. You can tell a lot from a person by their voice and tone over the phone.

However if you do decide to go on a date with them this make sure you tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting. Stay safe and it would be advisable to meet on neutral ground or somewhere you feel comfortable. Maybe suggest you go to his friend’s restaurant for your second date!   Finally, have your lift home pre-arranged and don’t drink too much. Stay in control.

 Week 5 Problem

Q I’ve been messaging a guy I meet online for the last week and he knows that I am separated but his latest message asked me why my marriage broke down.  I really like this guy but I just feel the question is too personal for someone I haven’t even met yet! How should I answer it?

A You have two options here, option one just tell him why your marriage ended. It may make him open up to you more too. At least the question will be out of the way.  I’m sure if you knew he was separated you would probably be curious too. For example if he told you it was because he was sex addict and slept with hundreds of women you would probably run a mile.

Your second option is just say you don’t feel ready to talk about that yet or say I’ll fill you in when we get to know each other a little better.

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